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Membership Application

Interested in becoming a member of Botsford Fire & Rescue?

**Below you will find a few of the schedule of events that are associated with the requirements for all dept. members.

  • Botsford Fire Rescue hold’s our monthly meeting on the first Monday of each month (subject to change for holidays)
  • Members meet at 6pm every Monday for a work detail to clean the station and check the apparatus
  • Drills are held on an average of (2) a month. Drill days vary between weekends & weeknights.

To apply please fill out and submit the membership application found below.

Member Application
NOTE: Membership limitations are: - Interior - No Limit - Driver/ operator - No more than (1) driver/ operator per (5) interior - Exterior / Cold Zone - Max of (5) members - Fire Police - Max of (5) members - Junior Member - Max of (3) *must be 16 years of age or older
If you do not have a drivers license please insert ( 0 )
(Firefighter I , II - Haz Mat - etc..
By clicking below you agree that all information submitted is to be accurate and true. By clicking accept you are also giving Botsford Fire & Rescue permission if required to perform a background check. *

If accepted, applicant shall complete the following obligations during the (6) month probationary period.
- Attend 2/3 of monthly meetings, 10% of calls, 25% of drills and 25% of work details
- Assist in department activities
- Turn in a mandatory physical examination **
- Attend blood borne pathogens awareness training **

(** Must be completed before department gear will be issued to member)